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Welcome to official website of Waling Municipality

Introduction to Waling Municipality

Having resemblance to bird, Waling Municipality was found in 2053-10-11 with 11 Wards uniting Waling, Dhanurbasi and Pekhubagkhor VDC. Waling City located aside Andhikhola river in Syangja district of Western development region is facilated with highway transportation because of Siddhartha highway. It resides between 280 degree East latitude and 83.480 degree North longitude, between 713m to1593 meter above the sea level.

Waling is a multiracial and multicultural City. Ethnic group of Brahmin, Gurung, Magar, Thakuri, Chhetri, Newar, Khawas, Bishwokarma, Darji, Sanyasi and Kumal resides over here. Waling, Bhumre, Bhakunde, Mirdi, Rambachha, Triyasi, Khahare are the main City residing over here. It is a business centre for Parbat DDCs south Area people and neighbouring VDCs. It has 5952 number of houses with total population of 24006 ( Male:10809, Female:13197 ), forest area of 4884.80 Hectare, minimum temperature of 9.5 degree celsius and maximum temperature of 28 degree celsius.


  1. Municipality Area : 12495.40 Hectare
  2. Agriculture Land   : 2796.70 Hectare
  3. Settlement Area   : 449.90 Hectare

Boundary :

  1. East   : Majhkot, Sivalaya and Eladi VDC.
  2. West  : Thumpokhara and Tindobate VDC.
  3. North  : Kalikot, Sworek and Changchangdi VDC.
  4. South : Pakwadi, Keware and Jagatbhangyang VDC.